Terms and Conditions

JobsandPermits.com is open to all for registration on the internet. This document talks about the terms of use.

JobsandPermits.com provides both unpaid and paid listing space for employers and recruiters as well as jobseekers around the world. JobsandPermits.com is a resource for employers and recruiters to share information for the purpose of recruiting and for jobseekers to contact potential employers.

JobsandPermits.com does not validate or endorse any listings or job openings on this web site. JobsandPermits.com is not responsible for the selection or hiring practice of any employer or recruiter registered with JobsandPermits.com

JobsandPermits.com holds no responsibility for the outcome of job opening or job application on the website. All users should research any information or job requirement before applying for the same. Users are encouraged to request all information directly from the provider (employer or recruiter), ask questions, gather information, and research before applying or providing any information.

There are possible risks to international travel. International travelers should take in account safety, current affairs, and personal health before committing to any type of international travel. JobsandPermits.com is not responsible for possible risks with respect to international travel (including but not limited to) international law, local customs, transportation risk, employment risk, sexual, racial and ethnic preference and/or discrimination of international providers. JobsandPermits.com is not liable for any mistakes, typographical errors, omissions, or misleading information in any job listings on this website.

JobsandPermits.com or any of its employees, and officers cannot be held responsible for any incidental, direct or indirect, disciplinary, or major damages or any damage whatsoever which has occurred due to the access or use of this website, irrespective if the possibility of the damage has been informed to JobsandPermits.com

Users can choose to not use JobsandPermits.com if they do not agree with any of the legal information and terms of use stated here.


You must be 18 years of age or above to visit and/or use the jobsandpermits.com or any of its products or services.

Jobsandpermits services are only meant for candidates looking for suitable jobs overseas. Any usage with commercial intent is prohibited.

Subscription Fee

Subscription fees is the cost applicable for the services provided as mentioned in the product catalogue or as may be prescribed by the company from time to time.

When subscription fee is applicable, it shall be paid / payable at or within such time as stated in the invoice raised by the company on the user.

Jobsandpermits will commence providing services only upon the receipt of payment from the subscriber/user. Jobsandpermits will commence providing services only upon receipt of amount/charges upfront either from subscriber or from a third party on behalf of the subscriber. This subscription or amount paid towards any of our services is non-transferable i.e. it is for the same person throughout the period of subscription.


Once the customer makes the payment, an order will be created and given a unique order number. The order will start only once the customer submits all the requirements asked for as per the services purchased.

The order will be marked as delivered once the service provider delivers the service.

An order is marked as complete after the order is marked as closed and/or rated by the customer. An order will be automatically marked as complete within 3 days after marked as Delivered.

Request Revision

If the delivered service is not as per the description on service page on the website the customer may use the "Request Revisions" feature located on the Order page. The number of revisions are subject to the service ordered by the customer and any revisions requested beyond this will be chargeable.

Customers are not allowed to use the “Request Revision” feature to request for additional services apart from what they ordered.

Reviews and Concerns

We take all feedback and reviews very seriously. This helps us improve our services and enhance the overall customer experience with services provided by jobsandpermits.com

If the customer has any concerns while their service is active they may chose to communicate the same using the message feature or they can report their concern using the “Raise Concern” feature on the order details page.

The customer holds the right to leave his feedback after he is availed his services and no review or feedback will be removed unless they violate our terms of service.

We do not encourage the misuse of our feedback and rating system and to prevent this , all reviews must be related to a service availed from jobsandpermits.com.

Customers are allowed to post reviews on the services they availed up to 30 days after their order is marked as complete. Customers cannot post any reviews 30 days after their order is marked as complete.

Exclusive Jobs Order

By accepting the specified terms and conditions by jobsandpermits the customer also guarantees that the information/resume fed in the system by them are genuine.

Jobs delivered for any Exclusive jobs package will be based on the informed provided by the user.

Jobsandpermits is only responsible to find relevant jobs for the user and not help with applying for the job. It is the sole decision of the user to apply for the delivered jobs.

The user can apply for the jobs directly via jobsandpermits. In some instances the user will be directed to the Company/ Organizations career page to apply for the job.

Jobsandpermits offers no guarantees or warranties that there would be a satisfactory response or any response at all for the jobs applied on or off the jobandpermits website.

Jobsandpermits.com is not a consultancy and we do not facilitate in any interviewing or hiring process.

Order Cancellations

Customers cannot raise a request for cancellation after the order is marked as completed. An order cannot be cancelled based on the quality of the service we provide. Customers many rate their experience with our services on the order page.


Cancellation of any order is not always followed with a refund. Any request for refund is subject to review by our customer support team. Such refunds may be subject to an additional fee.


This website solely acts as a medium/platform for customers and service providers to connect and exchange information. Jobsandpermits.com is not a consultancy and we do not facilitate in any interviewing or hiring process. The information provided on the site is ‘as is’ posted by users. We do not endorse and are not responsible for anything regarding the same. You are responsible for all your engagement on the website - include posting reviews and interacting with other registered users (Customers or Service providers). We do not have any association with third party service providers and we are not responsible for any inappropriate, false, unlawful and misleading information posted on the website for any reason. We do not guarantee any jobs for Jobseekers and in turn do not guarantee candidates for employers/recruiters.

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